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What is mange?


    What is Mange?

    There are 3 different types of mange: Sarcoptic, Demodectic, and Notoedric mange (which is generally found on cats). All three types are caused my mites that burrow under your pets skin.

    Sarcoptic mange is the most highly transmittable, yet is the least serious because the mites do not burrow as deep into your pets skin.

    Notoedric mange is caused by a tiny mite called Notoedres cati. It is a scaly skin disease that usually starts on the ears; however, it can spread to the rest of the face and body if left untreated.

    Demodectic mange is the most serious type of mange due to its ability to spread quickly. It is also harder to treat because the mite burrows deep into your pet attacking the hair follicles which can result in major hair loss.

    What are the symptoms of mange?

    Mange can result in extreme itching followed by flaky or scabby dandruff, loss of hair, and inflammation of the skin with “pustules”, bloody lesions and scabs.

    Why does my pet keep scratching and biting himself so much?

    This is due to the extreme itching sensation caused by the burrowing mites.

    Do I need to clean where my dog sleeps?

    Yes! Thorough cleaning of your pet’s area is an important step to cure and control mange mites, and probably the most effective step you can take. The area needs to be wiped down with a hospital grade disinfectant, launder anything that your pet sleeps or lays on with Borax and dry on the highest heat setting for at least 20-30 minutes, vacuum all other areas and then throw away the vacuum bag every time, or use our DE (Diatomeaceous Earth) on places you're not able to wash.  But be careful, DE can be hard to vacuum up in large/heavy applications.

    Can I catch mange mites from my pets?

    You can get Sarcoptic and Notoedric mange mites from your pet, but they do not reproduce on humans. They will cause you extreme itching and irritation for a couple of weeks and then die off, but it will continue as long as your pet has the "problem".  These are NOT the same as human scabies mites.  Demodectic mange mites are not transmitted to people or other dogs except from mother dog to puppy but Sarcoptic mites will cause you problems as long as your pet has them.

    Why does my dog seem to keep getting mange?

    Some pets have a weakened immune systems due to other conditions such as heart worm, cancer, or hypothyroidism, if your pet is around other pets that have mange, if they have been un-bathed for a long time, or live in harsh outdoor conditions, they can be more susceptible to mange mites. Demodectic mange can be brought on more in older dogs if they have had a mange problem in the past.  Stress, sickness and weakened immune systems can "trigger" mange.  It is not uncommon for dogs to have a bout of Demodectic mange from the age of 2 or older. 

    How long until my pet’s skin is healed?

    It could take just a few days to a couple of months for complete healing of the infected areas. The length of time will depend on what type of mange your pet has, the length of time that they had the mange mites, the strength of their immune system, and how bad the sores or any infected sites are.

    Will their hair grow back?

    Hair growth differs to the severity and type of mange.  But with our Mange treatment, most customers have experienced hair growth within a couple of days to weeks.

    Do I need to shave my pet?

    Shaving the infected and surrounding area(s) will permit the treatment better access to and penetration of the problem areas as well as to remove any larvae that are attached to the hair follicles.  It doesn't look very "pretty" but will give you faster results.

    Do I need to treat all of my pets, or just the one with symptoms?

    With an infestation of Sarcoptic mange, you should treat all of the pets, as they could have larva or mites on their body, but are not yet symptomatic.  With demodectic mange, it is not necessary. 

    Are there particular breeds that are more susceptible to Demodectic mange?

    The exact reasons that dogs develop mange are not fully understood, but genetics and immune suppression both play important roles. Mange has a tendency to run in some families, with the same parents consistently producing affected puppies. While all breeds are susceptible, some are at an increased risk. Some of the breeds in which it can be particularly common or severe are Old English Sheepdogs, Dobermans, Boxers, Shar-Peis, Shih-Tzus, and Lhasa Apsos. Immune suppression due to underlying diseases (such as Cushing’s disease, heart worm, and hypothyroidism), or drugs (like steroids and chemotherapy drugs) may increase the risk of a dog developing mange as well.  You can visit our Blog at http://everydaysolutionsrx.blogspot.com for more information. 

    Should I breed my puppy with demodectic mange?

    There are different opinions about this subject. Most veterinarians are going to tell you to wait to see how your puppy will fare if it is noticed right after birth.  Since all puppies are born with the demodectic mange mites, the ones with the weaker immune system will have the breakout. Most veterinarians will tell you to neuter/spay puppies that have apparent mange symptoms. Demodectic mange IS a hereditary disease and will be passed on to puppies from the MOTHER. You can visit our Blog at http://everydaysolutionsrx.blogspot.com for more information

    Can I use the products on cats or other small animals?

    YES!  Unlike a lot of other products on the market, our Mange products can be used on cats, ferrets, rabbits and other small animals. The only exception is our Medi-Dine Shampoo.  This product is for DOGS ONLY and for SEVERE/ACUTE cases of mange. Please call our office at 1-866-351-3522 if you have any questions regarding the severity of your pet's mange problem.

    Mange Environment FAQ:

    Do I need to clean where my dog sleeps?

    Yes! Thorough cleaning of your pet’s area is an important step to cure and control mange mites. The area needs to be wiped down with a hospital grade disinfectant, launder anything that your pet sleeps or lays on with bleach/borax, drying for at least 20-30 minutes on the highest heat setting, vacuum all other areas and then throw away the vacuum bag each time.

    Do I need to do anything to the house?

    Yes. You would need to wash all linens with bleach/borax, drying at least 20-30 minutes on the highest heat setting, and place all sheets/blankets in a dryer on high for at least 20 minutes everyday for any beds that the animals have been on. You also need to treat any other furniture as well as car seats that your animals have been on, usually sprinkling DE (diatomeacous earth) will kill any and all mites. Carpets and upholstery need to be thoroughly vacuumed and then dispose of the bag. If you have a canister vacuum with no bag, dispose of contents and then disinfect the canister.  If you use DE, let the powder stay for at least 48 hours...and if you vacuum, reapply immediately.

    Should I use a fogger to fumigate my home?

    No, this is not effective on mites.

    How can I get deep into my furniture?

    You can purchase a steamer from a home improvement store or grocery. They generally come with several attachments that can be used thru-out your home and vehicle. The machine will shoot hot steam through the foam/batting of the furniture. You can also use it to steam around doors and windows and floors.  If you use DE, please do not use the steamer.  You will create a mess!

    What about the pet’s living area?

    You should change out any bedding, straw, and cedar shavings, or any other materials that your pet has been sleeping on and thoroughly disinfect the inside of the dog house DAILY.

    Order & Shipping FAQ:

    How soon can I get my products?

    We offer overnight delivery on products ordered before 12:00 pm C.S.T. , Monday through Friday via FedEx. We also have several other options available via FedEx and the United States Postal Service ranging from a 1 – 5 day delivery time.

    How much does it cost to ship your products to me?

    Cost varies depending on the type of delivery service you choose, what the destination is, and the weight of the products that you wish to order. You can e-mail us at info@everydaysolutionsrx.com with the above information and we will be happy to send you an estimated shipping cost.

    Do you ship internationally?

    Yes, we ship worldwide, however, we are unable to ship overnight to an international address.

    Do you have any retail outlets where I can go to purchase your product?

    At this time our products are only available through contacting us directly or through our website.  We are looking at putting "store-front" places, but as of this time, prices would go up and we are trying to keep the prices down to a minimum.

    If I do not have a credit card, how else can I order from you?

    We accept payment by check, money order. You can e-mail us at info@everydaysolutionsrx.com for information on these payment methods. Paypal accepts online checks.  Once the check clears Paypal (or if you mail it in - our bank clears the check), we will be notified and your order will be shipped that day.

    How do I know where my package is?

    You are sent a tracking number via the e-mail address that you provide at the time of order. (so please give us a current email address (WE DO NOT USE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS OTHER THAN OUR BUSINESS REASONS- we DO NOT SELL OR RENT YOUR ADDRESS!!!)  You can go to www.fedex.com or www.usps.com and enter your tracking number to find the status of your shipment.

    Can my neighbors tell what I ordered?

    No, the packages are completely discreet.

    How will the charges appear on my statement?

    Your statement will say Everyday Solutions Rx and the amount only.


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