Mange - Natural Mange Treatment and Symptoms

Natural Mange Treatments and Symptoms


Don't let your pet end up looking like this. You must take action to treat mange...neglecting this condition can result in open wounds, skin
damage and even death from secondary infection.

Join the millions of people that are looking for RELIEF for their pets and even themselves, using non toxic, natural and organic neem based solutions.

Is your "baby" itchy, inflamed and miserable?
Are you sick of using harmful, toxic chemicals on your pet?
Vet medications not working fast enough, or worse...not at all?
Tired of high vet bills?
Has your pet been mis-diagnosed with fleas or allergies?

Take heart, we can help!

My name is Casey Fisher, and I've been helping people to help their beloved pets fight mange since 2004, using natural, gentle, non-toxic solutions that won't harm pets and won't break the bank. My customers tell me how much they love the personal attention they get from EverydaySolutionsRx, and how much they love the products that have made a huge difference in their quality of life.

Our specially formulated mange cream with neem oil will go to work immediately to stop the itch and soothe and heal inflamed skin. You'll most likely see a marked difference in your pet within 24 hours!

Using our mange treatment products, it usually takes an average of 1-3 weeks (NOT MONTHS) before your pet has no signs of mange at all. However, hair will only grow back with healthy skin, that is why it's important to use the right products to promote good skin health and hair regrowth.

We tackle mange from every direction and we work with you personally until the mites are gone for good. We highly recommend that our customers dealing with mange keep in close contact with us so we can monitor the progress of your pet. Secondary infections are a very real threat with severe mange, and can kill your pet without prompt treatment!

We have also added a line of Vitamins to boost your pet's immune system. Your pet's immune system is probably already compromised either by having mange mites, a bacterial infection, past medication that hasn't worked and /or a lack of good health and nutrition.

We will educate you about mange symptoms and show you healthy, natural treatments as an alternative to the traditional and often toxic chemicals most often used to treat pets with mange.

Mange is a word that makes people want to run away as fast as they can! It doesn't mean you or your pet are DIRTY, most mange is brought on by things OUT OF YOUR CONTROL.

Does my pet have mange? Check out the following symptoms:

Scaly, moist, inflamed patches of skin
Scratching a lot
Drinking more than usual
Eating less than usual
Getting bald spots
Itching between the toes
Not sleeping properly
Does the skin seem loose?
May be losing weight!
Smells bad
Excessive licking
Tired - no energy

Your pet may have mange! Of course, in a perfect world, a correct diagnosis from your veterinarian would at least let you know what you are dealing with. But, since many cases are not diagnosed - or worse, misdiagnosed - you have wasted valuable time and money (to say nothing of the torment your poor pet has been going through). Some cases have been misdiagnosed as allergies, dermatitis or even fleas.

There are 5 main types of mange that can affect our pets: Sarcoptic Mange aka itch mange, Demodectic Mange aka red or puppy mange, Notoedric Mange aka cat mange, Cheyletiellosis aka walking dandruff; and Ear Mites. There are some other mange conditions caused by chiggers and other tiny microscopic insects, however the aforementioned are the most common forms we see.

Which Mange Mite Does Your Pet Have?

Hopefully your vet told you which mite you're dealing with, but if not, take a look at the comparison chart below.

Type Symptoms Recommended Treatment
Sarcoptic Since it's so contagious, more than one animal has the same symptoms:
intense itching, dandruff, hair loss(sometimes rapid), oozing sores, lesions, lethargic, eating less, drinking more, irritable, lumps (cyst like under skin), pimples
Sarcoptic Mange Kit with Neem (if humans are having a problem with the rash and itch) or the kit with Mange Mud (if only pets are being affected)
Demodectic Demodectic mange is the most common form of mange and sometimes the hardest to deal with. Most of our customers tell us that their dog is:
lethargic, eating less, drinking more, bald areas, lumps (like cysts under the skin), inflamed skin, irritable, chewing on their feet or paws, pads of paws swollen and inflamed, funky wet dog smell (infection), oozing sores
We recommend our Demodectic Mange Treatment Kit in the column to the right
Notoedric Itching, crusty patches especially around ears, sores, lesions, hair loss Get the Notoedric Mange Treatment Kit (SAFE for CATS)in the column to the right
Cheyletiellosis Dandruff, intense itching, hair loss, scaly skin, eating less, drinking more, erratic sleeping patterns Cheyletiellosis Package with Neem
Ear Mites Head shaking Mange Mud Mange Cream

Caveat: These symptoms are not always present, and when present they are not always to be used for a correct diagnosis. Yes, it does make it more confusing but every animal can have different signs and symptoms. Normally the age, immune system, background (rescue, shelter or breeder), and diet will make mange (any type of mange) symptoms different from another animal.

You'll notice that quite a few of the signs are symptoms of 2 or 3 different forms of mange. This compounds the problem of self-diagnosing, but we normally are able to make the correct diagnosis when asking a few extra questions most companies won't ask. Do you have more than one pet? If you do and only one of them are experiencing mange are probably dealing with demodectic mange.

Remember, the best way of diagnosing mange is to have a few deep skin scrapings performed at a veterinarian's office, but due to the costs and high percentages of nothing showing up, most people don't even bother to have the tests.

Scratching is not usually a sign of demodectic mange; it's most common with sarcoptic mange but we've had lots of customers that definitely have demodectic mange and their dog scratches like he's going insane. If you need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us!

How Is Mange Transmitted?

Are you starting to feel bad for adopting a needy pet from a shelter, only to find out you have possibly exposed yourself and your other pets to MANGE?

The Health and Nutrition Factor

You cannot effectively treat mange, especially demodectic mange, without taking care of the root problem first. The problem is a weak or suppressed immune system. We believe in treating the PROBLEM...not the SYMPTOM.  Itching, loss of hair and damaged skin are the results of your pet's reaction to the mites. Let's not put the cart before the horse!

Healthy animals do not succumb to parasites nearly as much as those with a compromised immune system. Doesn't it just make good common sense that you should work on boosting the immune system to help make the symptoms go away, and give the topical treatments the best chance they can get to kill the mites and soothe and heal the skin?  Poisons, insecticides, antibiotics, steroids like Prednisone and many other medications prescribed can actually lower the efficiency of the immune system.

Most of our customers are looking for natural remedies. They are tired of poisoning their pet.

When we get sick we eat healthier foods, rest, take vitamins and take care of ourselves. Animals are just like us except they have four legs and more hair and they can't tell us what will make them feel better.

We've had lots of customers that call and say their animal got went completely away but came back and even it hasn't worked at all. But once we start working on the immune system and helping build it back up, they call and say "THANKS, It worked!" Remember all the miracle products in the world can help but if you don't treat the initial problem it will come right back or never go away.

Look at the list of ingredients on your pet's food. Is the first ingredient corn, corn meal, ground yellow corn? It should be meat because they are carnivores...meat eaters, not vegetarians...and not only that, but, you need to make sure it has NO by-products. There's tons of info on the internet talking about commercial dog foods, try to take a few minutes and investigate what's in your best friend's food.

A raw diet is obviously the best, but not everyone can afford or take the time to feed raw food. We here at Everyday Solutions Rx feed our dogs a meat based dog food, it actually has the first three (3) ingredients as meat...even has fish, duck and salmon...with blueberries and cranberries along with all the other wonderful ingredients. We laugh and say it sounds like human food...and it's holistic to boot.

We don't make a penny on the recommendation(s) but feel that it's part of our commitment to help with your dog's overall health. We use Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul, you can find them at and click on "find a dealer".

There's also Core Wellness at and if you can't find a dealer in your area but have a PetSmart, you can look at Blue (Blue Buffalo) or any of the natural dog foods that have meat as the first ingredient(s), no fragmented parts of anything, no animal or chicken by-products, but has lots of vitamins, minerals and healthy ingredients.

For tons of free advice on feeding a natural diet, talk to Kym or Anna at

Our pet vitamins - Pet Vites - Veterinarian approved and recommended to boost the lowered immune system. High potency vitamin, mineral and protein supplement to help increase activity level and promote wellness. This potent natural organic supplement provides your pet with all the nutritional elements needed to ensure optimum health. Contains one half gram of liver per tablet. 50 Tablets:

Pet Vites - Organic Pet Vitamins - for both Dogs and Cats

Click here to buy it now for only $14.95

buy me now!

You want your pet to be healthy again...and so do we. You'd like to stop the high costs associated with treating mange....sometimes it seems like you need to get a part time job just to pay for the treatments that take forever to work!

What Do We Recommend For Mange, And How Does It Work?

Our *Mange Mud*(TM) Mange Cream (NOT FOR CATS) is made with a wettable, miticidal, fungicidal sulfur, (one of the top products used to treat mange for years) NOTE: This is NOT yellow sulfur, which stinks like rotten eggs, and it is NOT white sulfur, which is just MSM* and has no effect on mange or scabies mites at all.

We've added neem and karanja for their anti-parasitic qualities. Neem has been used for centuries to treat all types of parasites, skin disorders and even ringworm! Neem is an anti-feedant, or in general ingesting neem, the mites are no longer able to eat.

Neem is also a NATURAL contraceptive so while we're waiting for the immune system to get back up to par, we're making sure the mites that are still present will not produce new eggs. Neem has also been shown to "retard" or inhibit the growth of eggs and larvae.

Now we're sure you can understand why we thought it made good common sense to add these wonderful natural products to the already proven miticidal sulfur.

While Mange Mud can even be used daily on dogs, ferrets and rabbits, this safe, effective cream needs to be applied only every 3 days. Trim or shave around the affected areas, apply a thin coat of Mange Mud, gently rubbing in a circular motion from the center area outward. 

NOTE! If you have a cat with mange you want to choose the mange cream without essential oils because they can be very toxic to cats. You need to make sure when you are looking at products for cats on the internet that they do not include essential oils. Some companies do not care if there is a possibility of harming your feline friend. We have done the research and know that essential oils and cats don't mix well. 

Sulfa-Med Medicated Shampoo - Our Therapeutic Mange Shampoo is formulated to aid in the treatment of bacterial & staph infections (that funky wet dog smell); dry, flaky skin and other skin problems caused by infestation, irritation or infection. Natural pH, hypo-allergenic and detergent free, it contains no alcohol or animal byproducts. 

Directions: Wet pet thoroughly with warm water. Apply enough shampoo to make a rich lather.  Work shampoo from head to hindquarters. Allow lather to remain in contact with skin for at least 5 minutes before rinsing. This will help kill any bacterial infection your pet might have gotten. Is there a bad smell?  If so, you are probably dealing with a bacterial infection.   

Our Sulfa-Med Shampoo is detergent and soap free so it can be used as often as necessary without stripping the coat. NOTE: For severe cases, use our Medi-Dine Therapeutic Shampoo.  This shampoo should be used on DOGS ONLY. Add to Cart...

Sulfa-Med Therapeutic Spray (4oz) or Kayala Skin Care Cream - Use for the treatment of skin disturbances like eczema, hot spots, gras fungus & minor abrasions.  We realize some animals don't like sprays, so the cream works great for these pets. Our Sulfa-Med Medicated Therapeutic Spray is formulated to aid in the treatment of skin disturbances due to specific and non-specific eczema, hot spots, fungus, and minor scratches.

(For 8oz of Sulfa-Med Spray, click here)

Hospital Grade Disinfectant - No rinse, germicidal disinfectant will clean, deodorize, kill mites and eggs in one labor saving step.  Also effective against bacteria, fungus, virus, salmonella and e.coli.
Add to Cart

Diatomaceous Earth - Our FOOD GRADE Diatomaceous Earth (don't use "pool grade" DE because it has been heated and chemically treated making it toxic to humans, pets and plants) can be used on areas that can't be washed, disinfected or treated affordably.  DE under a microscope looks like little shards of glass.  When mites pass over the fine powder, they are "sliced" causing them to dehydrate and die.  Should be sprinkled lightly on carpets, bedding, grass, dog runs and even furniture.  Caution, do not sprinkle heavily on furniture.  Can also be used for fleas and ants without harming pets or people.  Add 2.5 lbs with a free shaker to Cart

Pet-Vites Veterinarian approved and recommended to boost the lowered immune system caused by pesky mites.  High potency vitamin, mineral and protein supplement to help increase activity level and promote great health.  Add to Cart

Organic Stain & Odor Remover - Spray on, wipe off to remove odors, pet urine/feces. 100% biodegradable. Add to Cart

Kayala EMU Shampoo - Perfect for maintenance and aftercare of mite infestation. Emu Oil moisturizing shampoo keeps hair follicles healthy while promoting new hair growth. Can be used daily if need be. .Add to Cart

Ear All Ear Cleaner - For ear canker, excess ear wax and ear odors. Also reduces inflammation due to ear mites. Comes in 4oz and 8oz sizes. Add 4oz to Cart 
Add 8oz to Cart

Anti-Itch Hot Spot Spray - Relieves hot spots, itching and will soothe irritated areas. Stops licking and biting of skin disturbances. Add to Cart

Oatmeal Pet Spray - Allergy itch relief for sensitive skin to soothe and restore natural moisture to the skin while building luster to your pet's coat naturally! Relieves itching caused by flea bites, grass and food allergies. Hypo-allergenic, may be used on all pets with sensitive skin.
Add to Cart

Bitter's Spray - Use as a faster deterrent for animals that have a tendency to chew and bite their skin, hair, fur and hot spot areas. Add to Cart

Ultimate D-Matting Spray - Conditioners to repair split ends and moisturize the skin while cutting brush time in half, removing mats, tangles and loose hair. Prevents broken hair and split ends as dull coats are fully restored into a manageable coat. Leaves a sheen and fresh scent for dogs and cats of all breeds.

Flea Shampoo - Controls and eliminates fleas on contact. Contains natural pyrethrins and combined with a dual synergist to insure fast knockdown, quick and complete kill. A mild, yet effective product to kill fleas and ticks on dogs, cats puppies and kittens. Deodorizing and contains natural aloe vera. Add to Cart

Flea Rid Mist - A natural botanical with soothing aloe, lanolin and sunscreen. Kills fleas, ticks and lice on dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. Repels gnats, flies and mosquitos for 2-3 days of heavy infestation. Also use as a grooming aid and coat conditioner.  Add to Cart

Neem Powder - USDA certified organic Neem bark powder will boost the immune system and help control parasites from the inside out. May be used long term for joint problems in older or large dogs. Add to Cart

Try our EverydaySolutionsRx products, see for yourself how quickly and easily they work!

Order your EverydaySolutionsRx Products today. Take a full 30 days, and use them as your own. If you find our products when properly applied and following our proven regimen, don't eliminate your mites, simply contact customer service inquiring how to return the product…and we'll process your refund. It's that simple.

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No Muss, No Fuss, Non Toxic Natural Mange Treatments


Demodectic Mange
Treatment Kit

Sarcoptic Mange
Treatment Kit with Neem

16oz disinfectant
32oz DE
8oz Organic Neem Shampoo
8oz Organic Neem Oil
2oz Organic Neem Powder to boost the immune system. Will treat 1-3 animals with mild to medium Mange.
Safe for people too!

Sarcoptic Mange
Kit with Mange Cream

Same ingredients in the kit above, except you get Mange Cream instead of  Neem oil and Neem powder. Everything you need to treat the environment and your pet...even yourself. Not for CATS!

Notoedric Mange
Treatment Kit

This one is for CATS!


Mange Mud Mange Cream


Hot Spot Spray


EMU Skin Care Cream

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Notes and Addendums:

* "Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), is an organosulfur compound with the formula (CH3)2 SO2. It is also known by several other names: DMSO2, MSM."  Source - Wikipedia



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