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Demodectic mange is an IMMUNE DEFICIENCY problem….so, it's makes sense to understand that the immune system needs to be built back up in order to control the mites. Remember, all dogs have demodex mites on their body! It's when their immune system gets below par that there is a problem.

So with that in mind…do the things necessary to build up their immune system. Healthy dog food, vitamins and supplements are essential in most cases! You don't have to buy our vitamins, although they are high in protein, vitamin and mineral supplements, a good pet one-a-day will do well in maximum doses (if the directions say 1-2 per day, use 2).

Your larger chain of pet stores usually carry supplements or just order them here to save you time. Don't worry about getting hair, bone or skin vitamins…that's not the problem we need to deal with right now. Once the mites are under control, using our shampoo and cream, the hair and skin will become healthy and will grow back to normal.

For Demodectic Mange we recommend the Demodectic Mange Kit to the right. What more could you ask for?  Everything you need (outside of healthy dog food) Hi-Potency Vitamins to take care of the immune system, Therapeutic Shampoo to heal the secondary bacterial infection and our Mange Cream to KILL 75-80% of the mites with the very first application.

If you have several pets with mange, an extreme case or a large breed, you can save some money and get the Large Kit which contains double the ingredients but not double the price.

Get Double the Ingredients NOW for ONLY $ 117.90

Remember, animals rarely die from MANGE itself…it's the untreated complications DUE TO mange that will ultimately lead to death. Low immune systems are the #1 reason for long-term recovery or any recovery at all in a few cases. Secondly, the bacterial or secondary infection will complicate matters and can eventually cause severe problems.

Veterinarians will sometimes prescribe antibiotics to treat the infection. Antibiotics can actually lower the immune system! Plus they are usually very expensive! So, is it reasonable to think that by giving antibiotics for an immune deficiency problem, the immune system will probably go "backwards"?

Our Sulfa-Med Therapeutic Shampoo will kill the infection…Vitamins will boost the immune system…and our Mange Cream will take care of the pesky mites. A great 1-2-3 punch!

Be sure to BOOKMARK us (press control and D keys on your keyboard) as we are adding Neem oil and Neem powder to our product line. Neem oil is certified organic and has been used for centuries to kill mites. The Neem powder is a very strong immune booster and will actually help get Neem into the blood stream (through the food) and start helping kill the mites from the inside out!

If you have ANY questions, please call 1-866-351-3522 or click the live chat box below and ask one of our customer service representatives for clarification on anything you don't understand.

We are here to help you….the recovery of your pet is our number one concern!

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This is is Fresia, (above) and she's one of the lucky dogs who received proper care and treatment for demodectic mange
from the wonderful people at Amazon CARES. / CC BY 2.0

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Mange Treatment Catalog

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No Muss, No Fuss, Non Toxic Natural Mange Treatments


Demodectic Mange
Treatment Kit

Click here to order the Double Demodectic Mange Kit and save!

Sarcoptic Mange
Treatment Kit with Neem

16oz disinfectant
32oz DE
8oz Organic Neem Shampoo
8oz Organic Neem Oil
2oz Organic Neem Powder to boost the immune system. Will treat 1-3 animals with mild to medium Mange.
Safe for people too!

Sarcoptic Mange
Kit with Mange Cream

Same ingredients in the kit above, except you get Mange Cream instead of  Neem oil and Neem powder. Everything you need to treat the environment and your pet...even yourself. Not for CATS!

Notoedric Mange
Treatment Kit

This one is for CATS!


Mange Mud Mange Cream


Hot Spot Spray


EMU Skin Care Cream

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