Ear Mites Mange

Ear Mites Mange


Ear Mites, and How To Treat Them

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Ear mites are fairly common in domestic pets and are extremely contagious, able to spread to many different species of household pet. You can tell your pet has them by the way they shake their heads, walk with their head slightly lop sided, scratch at their ears and the dark colored matter inside the ear canal.

The mites that live in your pet's ear canal are called ear mites, although there are several different species that can survive in the ears of both dogs and cats and can also spread to other parts of the animal's body if not treated. Neglecting to treat ear mites can also cause the animal to damage the outer ear tissue through constant scratching, which in turn can cause severe bacterial infections. We've even seen external ears needing amputation in long term neglected cases of ear mite infestation.

We recommend our Mange Mud
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