Notoedric Mange

Notoedric Mange


Sarcoptic Mange in Cats - Notoedric Mange

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Sarcoptic mange or Feline scabies is also called Notoedric Mange or Face Mange, and is caused by the  Notoedres cati. Notoedric mange in cats is very similar to sarcoptic mange in dogs and can infect cats of any age or breed.

Cat scabies is transmitted directly between animals as well as through the environment such as bedding, so treatment of all areas the cat frequents is essential.

Notoedric mange can be identified by hair loss and scratching of the ears, face and neck.  Secondary infections are a likelihood if left untreated. Our recommended treatment for notoedric mange is the Kit shown to the right which was formulated especially for cats.

Cats are much more sensitive to certain compounds such as essential oils, so products used to treat dogs are not suitable for cats.

Mange Treatment Catalog

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Notoedric Mange
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