Demodectic Mange Treatment Guide


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Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

diatomaceous earthFOOD grade to sprinkle on carpets, bedding, furniture, grass, kennel runs, anywhere you can't wash. Our Diatomaceous Earth will not harm people, pets or outdoor vegetation/animals. Some customers actually put in water to kill parasites that live internally.
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EverydaySolutionsRx Hospital Grade Disinfectant

disinfectantOur disinfectant not only disinfects, but cleans and deodorizes. Kills mites & eggs on contact in 1 labor saving step. Effective against pathogenic bacteria, e-coli, salmonella and even HIV virus. Can be used as a household cleaner on all non-porous surfaces. 16 oz Regularly $24.95 BUY it NOW for only $19.95 !

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