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A Ringworm Cure Without
The Pesticides or Poisons!!


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Looking for a natural remedy for RINGWORM to STOP THE ITCH in both People and Animals? 

With our Ringworm natural products, ringworm symptoms COMPLETELY vanish, most within 24 hours!

Has your Ringworm problem been misdiagnosed?

Did your doctor or veterinarian tell you it would take up to 6 weeks to cure your ringworm problem?

What does RINGWORM look like?


Please read on...you'll find the answers here!!

If you would you like to learn how to CURE RINGWORM with a QUICK & SAFE homeopathic ringworm treatment without the poisons or toxic meds, this could be the most important information you will ever read!!

Quit being afraid of spreading ringworm with our Everyday Solutions Rx Ringworm remedy and end the nightmare TODAY!!!

Is RINGWORM going back and forth between family members and pets? Do you feel like you are constantly trying to fight a never-ending battle with ringworm?

First let's explain what causes ringworm.

Ringworm is not a worm at all although it is usually round or in a circular formation. Ringworm is a fungus that is a ring-like, scaly, reddish shape on the skin. There are three major types:

  • Microsporum canis

  • Microsporum gypseum

  • Trichophyton mentagrophytes.

Ringworm is highly contagious and can be transmitted by many ways, here are a few:

  • physical contact with another person

  • pets and other animals

  • articles of clothing

  • wrestling mats, sleeping mats

  • toys

  • shower stalls

  • gym areas

  • tanning beds

  • shared workstations (pens, telephones, keyboards)

  • personal objects (hairbrush, comb, nail file, etc)

Ringworm is often misdiagnosed because it does look like other problems at different stages.

In dogs and cats microsporum are the most common forms. Cats that recover from ringworm often remain carriers of the fungus with no external signs. So it's really important to kill the fungus in your environment and stop the spreading of ringworm spores from "carriers". Click Here For Our Aggressive Protocol.

How do you get rid of ringworm?

It's EASY if you follow our PROVEN - LOW COST treatment program. We only use natural products that kill ringworm spores on you or your pet AND the environment, starting with the VERY FIRST APPLICATION!!!

Do you know how to eliminate RINGWORM from the environment to prevent re-infestation?

Commitment is the key to success, especially if you have more than one pet. Infected animals are constantly spreading spores in the environment (your house, yard, cattery, kennel, etc.) so cleaning and disinfecting is just as important as the treatment. Click here for our aggressive protocol.

How is Ringworm diagnosed?

Ringworm can be diagnosed through several different methods. A popular but not completely accurate way to diagnose the disease is through the use of a specialized black light called a Wood's lamp. Several species of the ringworm fungus will glow a fluorescent color when exposed to a Wood's lamp. However, it is estimated that up to half of the most common species of microsporum canis do not fluoresce under a Wood's lamp. In addition, a healthy person or animal may have spores on them but may not have an active infection.

Another method for identifying ringworm is to pluck and examine hairs on the periphery of the lesion under the microscope. Between 40% and 70% of the infections can be diagnosed this way.

The best and most accurate way to identify a ringworm infection is by collecting scales and crust from the skin and performing a culture. There are special culture mediums designed specifically for identifying ringworm infections. Your local veterinarian, doctor or dermatologist can easily perform this routine culture.

We'll explain how to GET RID OF RINGWORM FAST so you can get on with your life!

Are you itching? Pet itching? Did your medical professional say you could be ringworm free in 3 days or less?

You can STOP the craziness NOW!

Ringworm is highly contagious and will spread quickly if not treated properly. There are 119 different ringworm strains, not all are easily identified. We will save you lots of time and money!! We have done all the hard work by researching tons of articles from universities, doctors, dermatologists and veterinarians.

How easy is it for you to get ringworm?

VERY, ringworm is contagious to people; however, some people are at greater risk than others. The fungus takes advantage of those with reduced immune capacity. This puts young animals and children, elderly people and pets, those who are HIV+, people on chemotherapy or taking medication after a transfusion or organ transplant, even highly stressed people and animals at high risk. In general, if you do not already have ringworm at the time your pet is diagnosed, you probably will not get it. Proper steps should still be taken. If you see a small lesion or start to feel an increased itch, you may want to consult your physician just to be on the safe side.

We're even backing it up with our 100% money back guarantee for 1 full year*! Yes, that's 365 days!

Product Descriptions:

Our Premier Product is Everyday Solutions Rx Neem Oil. Click here to learn more about Neem. We have designed a proprietary blend of Neem with the Essential Oils identified for their strong anti-fungal properties. Neem is anti-inflammatory/anti-fungal and helps to expel fungal and bacterial infections. Everyday Solutions Rx Neem Oil is GUARANTEED to eliminate ringworm in 24-48 hours SAFELY. Itching stops IMMEDIATELY and the healing begins in the FIRST 10 SECONDS! Neem can be used on people or pets. Note: Pregnant women, nursing women or people susceptible to seizures should not use Neem.

Our Everyday Solutions Rx Ringworm Cream is made of sulfur, pine oil and mineral oil. Sulfur has been used for centuries to cure just about any ailment. Our Everyday Solutions Rx Ringworm Cream is GUARANTEED to eliminate the ringworm from your pet and starts working within the FIRST 10 SECONDS!!!! Our ringworm cream was originally developed for the use on animals but we have several customers that have reported extreme success for themselves as well.

Our Colloidal Silver is our 3rd product choice used to treat ringworm. Customers have often asked if we carry it so we decided to add it for those people that are familiar with the healing properties of CS. Colloidal Silver can be taken for an internal treatment enhancer (internal treatments are often suggested to aid external applications for quicker results). Colloidal Silver is being recognized as a "cure-all" by homeopathic and natural practitioners.

Everyday Solutions Rx Ringworm Bath Salts are used to remove ringworm spores and fungus on your body. Our bath salts are made with Dead Sea Salt from Israel and a proprietary blend of essential oils identified to aid in the treatment of killing ringworm fungus. We have found that when you exfoliate the skin, you will get quicker results.

NOTE: Please be aware that Neem, Colloidal Silver or Everyday Solutions Rx Ringworm Cream alone will not prevent RE-INFECTION and will not treat your surroundings! Disinfecting your environment is the only way to be sure ringworm will not come back and repeat the vicious cycle. Click here for the complete protocol for ELIMINATING ringworm.

Our Disinfectant will kill ringworm spores on fabric, bedding, telephones, work stations, scratch poles, carpeting, vehicle seats/interiors, litter boxes, cages, etc. on contact. Use the disinfectant in your surroundings to prevent re-infection. Remember some ringworm spores can live for over a year!

Our Sulfa-Med Therapeutic Shampoo will remove the spores from the fur to help prevent spreading, even if they are just "carriers". It's an excellent shampoo to heal the skin damaged by self-mutilation and skin disturbances caused by the fungus. Our Therapeutic Shampoo is strong enough to aid in the prevention of ringworm, yet gentle enough to use everyday if needed.

* If you do not have noticeable results within the first 24-36 hours, you must call the office at 1-407-274-4793 or email us at info@everydaysolutionsrx.com


   ringworm lesions in cats
(photos from TFH Publications)



Customer Service: 407-274-4793


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