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Ringworm Treatment

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EverydaySolutionsRx Single Ringworm Pack

2 oz. Ringworm Oil
16 oz Disinfectant

This package contains everything you need to get rid of ringworm FAST!

You can use the EverydaySolutionsRx Single Ringworm Pack on both people and animals, including cats.

Treats up to 3 people or animals. Because it contains disinfectant to treat your environment, there is nothing else to buy.

Please note...essential oils are toxic to cats! Please be sure to order the product especially formulated for cats without the essential oils. The terms Natural and Non-Toxic do NOT mean the same thing.

Single Ringworm Pack for CATS

Regular Price $49.90...Get it NOW!  37.95

Single Ringworm Pack for DOGS and Other Animals

Regular Price $49.90...Get it NOW!  37.95 

Single Ringworm Pack for PEOPLE

Regular Price $49.90...Get it NOW!  37.95

ringworm creamEverydaySolutionsRx Ringworm Cream - 12oz Jar

Will start working immediately! Apply only once every 3 days! Kills the mites, stops the itch and promotes new hair growth FAST!
Regular price: $39.95
Buy it NOW for only 34.95

This product alone will kill ringworm, but you will need Disinfectant to kill spores in the environment to prevent reinfection!

Buy your Ringworm Cream in bulk and SAVE!

Two 12oz Jars for only 64.90

Three 12oz Jars for only 89.85

Four 12oz Jars for only 109.80

This product alone will kill ringworm, but you will need Disinfectant to kill spores in the environment to prevent reinfection!

EverydaySolutionsRx Ringworm Buster

Remove ringworm spores with our therapeutic Ringworm Scrub, Ringworm Oil and have the disinfectant to kill the ringworm spores in the environment!

10 oz Scrub, 2 oz Ringworm Oil and 16 oz Disinfectant

Regular Price $74.85
GET IT NOW for only 57.95


EverydaySolutionsRx Therapeutic Shampoo

Therapeutic shampooThis shampoo is formulated to aid in the treatment of ringworm, mites, dry, flaky skin and other skin problems, including hot spots. Neutral pH, and can be used daily or as needed. For dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits and other animals. Ready to use.

17 oz regularly $24.95 BUY NOW for only $19.95

1 Gallon Buy it Now for 69.95

colloidal silverEverydaySolutionsRx Colloidal Silver

Long known for it's anti-fungal properties, customers have been asking for Colloidal Silver so we're bringing you top grade 10ppm CS.
Please note you will need environmental products to avoid re-infection.  Ringworm spores can live for a year or more.

8 oz 24.95 (flip top cap)


4 oz 14.95 (fine mist spray)


EverydaySolutionsRx Colloidal Silver and Disinfectant


4 oz Colloidal Silver and 16 oz. Disinfectant. This will treat a mild to medium problem in an apartment or small home.

GET IT NOW for only 34.95


Neem oil for catsEverydaySolutionsRx 2 oz Neem Oil for CATS 

Our proprietary blend of Neem contains NO essential oils!  If you find a product listed elsewhere that sells a formula for cats that contain essential oils....beware!  This product is completely SAFE to use on all felines.  Our specially formulated oils will kill ringworm on your cat QUICKLY stopping the itch IMMEDIATELY.

Most ringworm cases have reported GONE in 24 hours!

Regular Price $ 24.95
GET IT NOW for only 19.95


Please note that this product is good for people AND animals...cats included, because it contains NO essential oils.

Neem alone will treat ringworm but not prevent it from reoccurring. You must treat the environment with disinfectant.

Neem OilEverydaySolutionsRx Neem Oil 2oz

Our proprietary blend of Neem and essential oils will take care of your Ringworm instantly!  Stop the itch immediately and watch how quickly your ringworm problem goes away!!

Regular Price $ 24.95
GET IT NOW for only 19.95

Please note that this product is good for people AND animals...just not for cats because it contains essential oils. Please use the product to the left if you have cats!

Neem alone will treat ringworm but not prevent it from reoccurring. You must treat the environment with disinfectant. 

Please refer to our section devoted to treating your environment.

EverydaySolutionsRx Hospital Grade, Fungicidal Disinfectant

 This is probably one of the most necessary products you will ever use to eliminate ringworm spores from your home, office, vehicle, pet enclosures or areas! Ringworm spores can live in your environment for up to a year or more!!!  One-step, spray and go!  NOTHING works faster or better!  Safe for fabrics, porous and non-porous surfaces.

16 ounce
Regular Price $24.95
GET IT NOW 19.95

1 Gallon
Regular Price $ 79.95
GET IT NOW 49.95

Neem scrubEverydaySolutionsRx Ringworm Spore-Buster Scrub

Take your recovery process to the next level QUICKLY with this truly amazing scrub. 

Made with the Dead Sea Salts from Israel and Neem, blended with a proprietary blend of fungus fighting Essential Oils, our healing scrub will remove the ringworm spores from your body, open the pores of your skin and allow the Neem to work more efficiently. 

Our therapeutic scrub will even restore your skin's moisture.  Packaged in an easy to use wide mouth jar, no messy pouches to deal with!

10 ounces for only 19.95 

20 ounces for only 34.95 

EverydaySolutionsRx Single Ringworm Pack For CATS 

 This Formula does NOT contain Essential Oils

2 oz. Ringworm Oil
16 oz Disinfectant

Regular Price $ 49.90
Get it NOW  37.95

Double the order
Regular Price  $ 124.75
Get it NOW ONLY 87.95

and a "BUY NOW" button

EverydaySolutionsRx Family Ringworm Pack

Rest assured that we have you covered from every angle with this package!  Treat your home, your family AND your pets with this kit. 

If you have cats, please leave us a note in the message box that is presented at checkout so we can make sure you get Neem without Essential Oils.  We can even mix up the order, just let us know how you want the 4 bottles.

Regular Price $158.65
Get it NOW for only 137.95

EverydaySolutionsRx Double Package -

2 - 2oz Neem Oils
2 - 16 oz. Disinfectants
PLUS 1  2oz Neem Oil FREE

Regular Price  $ 124.75
Get it NOW ONLY 87.95
EverydaySolutionsRx Breeders Pack

Breeders, get prepared to finally be ringworm FREE! Our top of the line products will take care of your problem immediately. This package has 1 Gallon of our Hospital Grade Fungicidal Disinfectant, 1 Gallon of our Anti-fungal Shampoo to help rid ringworm spores attached to fur and 4 - 2oz Bottles of Neem Oil.

Cats: (We'll replace the shampoo with another gallon of disinfectant!)
Regular price $239.75
GET IT NOW for only 179.95

Dogs: Regular Price $ 229.75
GET IT NOW for only 179.95


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