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Ringworm Cures


Ringworm Cures and Preventionů.
What can I do to protect myself and my animals?

Common sense and good hygiene will go a long way toward keeping you, your family, and your pets free of zoonotic diseases (ringworm).

Here are a few simple precautions:

  • Wash hands before and after handling any animal.

  • Disinfect all countertops, floors, dog runs, catteries, kennels often.

  • f an animal or person looks like they have exposed lesions, DO NOT touch them.

  • Seek veterinary care for sick animals.

  • Avoid letting your cat lick your face, food utensils, or plate.

  • Consider keeping all animals indoors to prevent further spreading of ringworm.

  • Seek medical attention for problems that don't go away within a reasonable time when using any medication.

  • Scoop litter boxes to remove fecal material daily, spray with Everyday Solutions Rx Disinfectant to prevent ringworm spores from remaining in litter.

  • Periodically completely empty and clean litter boxes with hot water and borax or use ESRX disinfectant at least once a week.

  • Wear gloves when handling pets or people with ringworm; wash hands afterwards.

  • Cover children's sandboxes when not in use.

  • Have children use caution when participating in contact sports, like wrestling.

  • When using public showers, school wet areas and bathrooms, wear shoes or sandals at all times. Ringworm spreads easily in damp dark areas.

  • If anyone or a pet starts showing signs and symptoms of ringworm, separate them and possibly keep them in some sort of quarantine.

  • Make sure your animals are not left in the wild. There are all kinds of diseases to pick up. If a pet ran away, try to check them when they return.

  • Do not let children pet stray animals or animals at adoption stores.


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