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Ringworm Protocol


How to Eliminate Ringworm (on body and in environment)

The following is a guideline to help COMPLETELY ELIMINATE ringworm and keep it GONE!

On Humans:

Cleaning the body hair is a critical step hair to remove the ringworm spores . You can do this by doing one of the two options listed below:

  1. Use our Neem with Lavender Soap and cleanse the area to sterilize the hair follicles every day. We recommend massaging with a soapy cloth to assist with its cleaning and sterilization affect..

  2. Or use our Everyday Solutions Rx Neem Bath Salts for your bathing as it will also remove any bacterial infections. In shower or bath tub, take small scoops of the Neem Bath Salts and rub in a circular motion.

  3. Clip any hair around active ringworm and use Neem Oil or Colloidal Silver on the ringworm aggressively for 3 days (apply the Neem Oil or CS, up to 3 times a day for 3 days if needed).

If there are still signs and symptoms after 3 days, PLEASE call the office Toll Free 1-866-351-3522. You will see the ringworm sores get crusty and peel off by the 3rd day! This process may take a few extra days if everyone in the whole house is affected or if it is an extreme case. Often times, if you have used other medications for a long period of time and/or your immune system is low, it will take a little longer than 3 days.

On Pets:

  1. Bath with our Sulfa-Med Therapeutic Shampoo. Work the shampoo into a rich lather and work into the skin for 5 minutes. Completely rinse off. Shampoo everyday if possible.

  2. Clip any hair around the active ringworm and use our Neem Oil or Everyday Solutions Rx Ringworm Cream on the active areas aggressively. Apply up to 3 times daily for 3 days. If there are still signs of ringworm after 3 days, PLEASE call the office Toll Free 1-866-351-3522. Ringworm sores will get crusty and peel off…DON"T pull on the scabs! You could tear the skin and cause a bacterial infection causing a secondary problem.

  3. Keep all animals separated! Ringworm is HIGHLY contagious and will constantly go from pet to pet or from pet to humans. If it is impossible to keep them separated, try to keep physical contact to a minimum.

  4. Disinfect litterboxes, cages, scratching poles, catteries, kennels, countertops, bedding, cushions, and furniture to kill ringworm spores. If you have cats, disinfect any and everywhere cats go.

Around The House:

  1. Use disposable gloves any time you touch the infected area, person or pet. It's also a good idea to wash your hands afterwards.

  2. Change air filters in your forced air units to catch the ringworm spores as they easily travel throughout your house. A filter rated for allergies and fine dust should be used. Ringworm spores can remain in your environment for over a year!

  3. Vigorous daily cleaning of all surfaces in your home is highly recommended. Use our Everyday Solutions Rx Disinfectant on nonporous surfaces. You can also use the Disinfectant on fabrics for quick cleanup! Remember our product is non-toxic, non-staining, and does not require that you rinse off.

  4. Vacuum daily and intensively. When done, discard the bag each time or if your vacuum is bagless, empty the container disinfect and dry it. Spray the vacuum brushes, vents and wheels with the Everyday Solutions Rx Disinfectant to kill any fungus and eliminate spreading ringworm spores to any other areas where the vacuum is used.

  5. Wash all clothing, bedding, towels, etc in HOT water, adding Borax (follow directions on the box – Borax can be found at any discount store or grocery in the laundry department near the bleach). Dry everything on the HOTTEST heat setting for a minimum of 30 minutes. Anything that can't be washed or washed in HOT water, have it dry cleaned.

  6. Never use the same washcloth, towel or clothing more than once without washing and never use anyone else's! Each day you need to wash all bedding, towels, comforters (some customers just put it into the dryer for at least 30 minutes on the hottest heat setting and bag it until the ringworm is gone).

These tips will help eliminate the ringworm from spreading further….. a key component to keep ringworm from completing vicious cycles!

This information is not meant as a subsititute for medical advice. Please see your physican or veterinarian if problems persist or other problems occur.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call 407-274-4793. We want to help eliminate problems with misuse of products and help you become ringworm free as soon as possible!

You can also email us at info@everydaysolutionsrx.com

Office hours are Monday – Friday from 8am – 10pm, Saturday from 8am – 12 Noon. Closed on Sunday's but we often check messages and emails!

Directions for Bath Salts:

Start with your hands, moving toward the heart. Next, start with your feet , moving again toward the heart in a circular motion. (BE CAREFUL NOT TO GET ON THE SOLES OF YOUR FEET – UNLESS YOU HAVE RINGWORM ON THE SOLES, IF SO, DO YOUR FEET LAST AND SIT WHEN DOING SO AS THE OILS WILL MAKE THE BATH AREA SLIPPERY)


Let the salts soak on your skin for approximately 5 minutes, making sure the salts have dissolved. Then, rinse off completely with hot water in shower or if in tub, draw the hottest water you can stand and soak until the water is cool. If you use a "scrunchie" , wash cloth or other bath exfoliators, wash with towels if possible. We don't suggest using loofah sponges because they will harbor ringworm spores and can't be cleaned thoroughly.

Completely dry off with a clean towel, put the towel in a small garbage bag or grocery bag (don't put towel in the hamper to possibly spread the ringworm spores to other articles of clothing).

Next put the Neem Oil directly on the ringworm sores, rubbing in for a couple of minutes.

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