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What Does Ringworm Look Like?


Pictures of What Ringworm Looks Like on Animals and Humans

ringworm lesions on a human finger
Notice the round reddish area, starting to scale? 

This picture shows the characteristic rash of a tinea capitis (scalp) ringworm. Note the round, scaly patches with hair loss. Keep in mind that other children may just have a scaly rash on their scalp without hair loss and others may have small black dots on their scalp.

This is ringworm on a child’s arm above and below showing classical appearing ringworm lesions with Central clearing and a slightly raised red border. 


This is ringworm on a child’s hand.

This is ringworm on the scalp.

This is an advanced case of ringworm on a lady’s leg. 

Advanced Ringworm on the face.

These pictures show ringworm on cats.

ringworm lesions in cats


Ringworm culture before and after 10 days of incubation at room temperature.


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