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Learn how you can be completely

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Treating Scabies with Neem


WARNING: If you got Scabies from an animal, please click here!

What is SCABIES? We’re revealing 10 proven secrets on how to eliminate scabies and the scabies rash from your body once and for all!

Our LOW COST NATURAL SCABIES TREATMENT will absolutely END your nightmare within DAYS! Our extra strength Neem Oil will STOP the reproduction cycles of the mites on your body! That's half the battle!

"Casey, I wanted to thank you for your miracle product! My family and I have struggled with scabies for months. We tried another companies product. It seemed that we started to get some relief but no cure. Then after over $600 we knew we were being taken by this other company. We were so desperate, I was to the point of isolation and depression. I found your company online and reluctantly ordered. After 3 days we were mite free! I couldn't believe it. We are continuing the products because we still have toxins in our skin! But we have no new bites! Praise God for you. We can now go out again and we were able to be with our family for Christmas!"

Alicia, SC.

Everyday Solutions Rx has helped literally thousands of people just like yourself without the use of poisons and insecticides. We’ll show you a successful scabies treatment plan that has overwhelming results! PLUS, we’ll SAVE you lots of money!

We’ll show you an effective treatment plan that will help get you back to living.

Don’t you miss the intimacy of your loved ones? Haven’t you suffered long enough? Are you getting a full night's sleep? Tired of avoiding friends and family?

Dear Scabies Sufferer,

Have you been exposed to Scabies? Thank you for giving Everyday Solutions Rx an opportunity to help! If you're like thousands that come by our site you're probably experiencing an agony that believe it or not, many people are dealing with!

First of all, we want you to know YOU ARE NOT DELUSIONAL!!! We know it’s a real itch! There are definitely creepy crawly “things” on and under your skin! If you are like many of our past customers, chances are you have suffered many sleepless nights, intense itching, and a bout of depression. Who wouldn’t after isolating yourself in your home, afraid to spread these nasty little mites to other people?

Have you been misdiagnosed and told it’s an allergy? Have you been told you only need to take an antihistamine for the itch? Some customers have told us they were actually prescribed anti-depressants!

If you would like to sleep all night, stop scratching, and get rid of the scars then this could be the most important information you'll ever read!!

Would you like to deal with a company that has first hand knowledge of your condition, the desire to combat the problem head on and make it possible to end the suffering NOW?


DO NOT purchase information or products for a SCABIES TREATMENT unless it meets the following 5 important criteria.






Read on to find out more!

My name is Casey Fisher and as the owner of Everyday Solutions Rx, I have been studying, researching and working with doctors, dermatologists, homeopathic & natural practitioners for years to develop a FAST, EASY cure with NATURAL products. You get to benefit from our extensive knowledge base, and stop wasting time and money from companies or doctors that just want your money!

You need someone that CARES…that is willing to listen...and will give you an easy to follow treatment plan. This is something our clients know from the start, we are trained to fully understand what you are going through!

Since 2004 I have been heavily involved in this area and have been helping people with SCABIES with great success. Therefore, I spearheaded a program designed to completely eradicate scabies from your body and your environment. So now YOU can become one of our thousands of completely cured customers!!!

Everyday Solutions Rx is a small company that puts the main focus on our customer’s complete recovery. We won’t shuffle you around and give you a bunch of long worded medical terms and jargon that you don’t understand.

Plus we are dedicated to seeing you through to the very end. Our toll free number is your lifeline to a knowledgeable customer support staff. Our mission is to receive phone calls from satisfied customers letting us know they are completely MITE FREE. We want to hear those words from you!

If you would like to eliminate Scabies from your life You will need to...

  1. Use only NATURAL products! Permethrins can possibly do harm (sometimes even fatal side effects have been reported)

  2. Using our premiere ALL-NATURAL NEEM products will give you the relief you need QUICKLY and SAFELY! Even the NIH (National Institute of Health) stands behind NEEM!!! Our salts, oils and soaps are made with all natural products. Plus all of our products have been tested with phenomenal success before they were even put on the market.

  3. Deal with companies that offer CUSTOMER SUPPORT! You need a LIFELINE with someone that truly cares. You can call us anytime, we are here to help you!

  4. Our customer support staff is trained to know the symptoms, understand what you are going through and direct you to the most COST effective treatment plan. We literally hold your hand until your ordeal if over. At NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE TO YOU!!

  5. Make sure the companies you deal with have a COMPLETE PROTOCOL to eradicate the scabies mite from your body AND your environment!!!

  6. You can't just treat your body....the scabies mites are everywhere you have been and will attach themselves to a "host" any opportunity they have. Our products will not only deal with Scabies and the symptoms (rash, itch) but we'll show you how to completely eradicate them from your surroundings and environment. You will not have to deal with a re-infestation problem! Stop the fear of spreading them to family and friends! The mites will be GONE FOREVER!!!!!

  7. Make sure you know exactly how much product you need and how much product is included! You don't need to waste product, money or possibly even worse, run out during the course of treatment!

  8. We know that the whole family or anyone that has been exposed needs treatment. It can get quite costly if you do not know the amounts that you are getting! Our main goal is to provide you with correct information to save you time and money while getting rid of the problem as cost effectively as possible!

You are literally 24 hours away from changing your life...

Here's how our NATURAL products have dramatically changed the life of many other wonderful people like you...

Your products have REALLY worked! The itch was gone immediately and already the scars are barely noticeable! This is only the 3rd day and this is the best I have felt in weeks!!! Thanks also for your wonderful customer support.

Art T., R.I.

Casey, I just wanted to say THANKS! We’re almost back to normal and considering the fact that we were misdiagnosed for 9 grueling months, that’s saying a lot! We’ve been using your products for 4 days and can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks mostly for being there to answer all of our questions. You have given us more information that our doctor has!

Rebecca M. IL

After spending over $1,000 for doctor visits and medications for 2 months, with no results, I went to the internet to find something that would hopefully work. I have to admit, at first I was skeptical, but after talking to you I figured why not give it a try. The prices were far less and the year guarantee made my decision to try them easy. It was the best decision I’ve ever made! My life is back to normal, thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Teressa D., AR

I want to tell you how much I appreciate what you did for my son. When Marshall got worse from all the poisons he was prescribed from the doctor, we didn’t know what to do. His depression was probably the hardest thing I’ve had to deal with in a long time, and you were there for him. And the best thing is, the products worked from the first application! Thanks for your patience as well!

Barbara R. CA



There are tons of phony and misleading sites out there, make sure any products you are considering buying includes the following:

From a company that has all of the resources needed to be up to date on information BUT small enough to give you 1 on 1 attention!

Products that are ALL NATURAL and completely NON-TOXIC!

Can be backed up with a Toll Free Customer Support line.

It could take you MONTHS and well over $2,000 in Doctor bills, prescriptions
and other online products/recipes that won’t work


For a limited time you can get our NATURAL products and end your nightmare TODAY! The FDA does not have control on natural products, but they could soon! Get what you need today before they become prescription medicines!

You deserve to have the best life, so now it is time to take action!

One Person Basic Scabies Treatment Kit

One Person Basic Scabies Treatment KitEliminate scabies from your body with our full size bar of Neem & Honey Soap, kill mites and eggs with our large 8 oz Neem Oil.  Stops the itch immediately!  Also will heal scars and make your skin normal again.   

Regular price $ 46.90 Get it NOW only $ 37.95

Be sure to get your Environmental Products to kill scabies in your environment!  The above items alone will not guarantee against re-infestation! 

One Person Complete Scabies Treatment Kit

One Person Complete Scabies Treatment Kit Order everything you need for one person at discounted prices! 

Even includes DE and Disinfectant to treat a small house or apartment!!  

16 oz Disinfectant, 32 oz DE, Bar of Neem & Honey Soap, 16 oz Body Scrub with Neem, 4 oz Neem Oil

Regular Price $ 116.95  Get it NOW for only 87.95

Two Person Complete Scabies Treatment Kit Double the order, especially good package if you live in separate homes.

Regular Price $ 233.90  Get it NOW for only 167.90

NOTE: You do NOT need to get any other Environmental Products to kill scabies in your environment if you order this package. 

One Person Advanced Scabies Treatment Kit

One Person Advanced Scabies Treatment KitThis package has what you need for a more advanced case of scabies. 

Contains 8 oz Neem Oil, Body Scrub with Neem Oil, Bar of Neem & Honey Soap, 4 oz Soothing Lotion.

Be sure to get your Environmental Products to kill scabies in your environment!  The above items alone will not guarantee against re-infestation!

Regular Price $ 121.75  Get it Now for only 97.95


All-Natural Neem Oil

All natural neem oilOur cornerstone ALL NATURAL product for eliminating mites. Contains our proprietary blend of neem, karanja, carrier and essential oils. Treats scabies, mites, head lice, skin disorders and general dermatitis. Works quickly and safely, stops the itch within seconds!

8 oz Get it NOW for only 34.95

4 oz Get it NOW for only 19.95

Be sure to get your Environmental Products to kill scabies in your environment!  The above items alone will not guarantee against re-infestation!

Most Popular:
Family Pack - Everything You Need Right Now!

Family Pack Scabies Treatment Kit2x8 oz All Natural Neem Oils
2x5.3 oz Bar Neem & Honey Soap
2x4 oz Soothing Lotions
1 Gallon Disinfectant
1 - 2.5 lb. DE w/ Free Shaker and 1 FREE 4 oz All Natural Neem Oil.

Regular Price $353.50 Get it NOW for only 199.95

Be sure to get your Environmental Products to kill scabies in your environment!  The above items alone will not guarantee against re-infestation!

Neem Capsules

Neem capsulesCertified ORGANIC dietary supplement Neem capsules taken daily will build the immune system to fight scabies internally!

120 Capsules Regular Price: SORRY SOLD OUT

Exfoliating Body Scrub with Neem and Essential Oils

Exfoliating body scrub with Neem and Essential OilsExfoliate the skin to get rid of exterior mites! Neem and our propiertary blend of Essential Oils that kill mites, stop the itch and penetrate the skin immediately to provide instant relief! Can be used daily.
10 oz Regular Price $ 24.95 Get it NOW for only 19.95

20 oz Regular Price $ 39.95 Get it NOW for only 34.95

Neem Shampoo

Neem shampoo8 oz of All Natural Neem Shampoo with Aloe Vera and Nopal

Regular Price $ 24.95 Buy NOW for only $19.95


Soothing Cream with Diatomaceous earth and Essential Oils

Soothing cream with diatomaceous earth and essential oilsWe put just enough DE in our cream to help deal with the external mites and added essential oils for scabies, itching and restoring the damaged skin!

Wonderful scent, can be worn anytime. Use as many times as you'd like!

Regular Price $ 34.95
Get it NOW for only 29.95

Environmental Products

Diatomaceous earth32 oz Diatomaceous Earth Shaker Regular Price $ 24.95 Get it NOW for only 17.95

2.5 lb Diatomaceous Earth w/FREE shaker Regular Price $ 34.95 Get it NOW for only 29.95

Diatomaceous Earth Bucket! $49.95


Neem Soap

Neem SoapLarge 5.3 oz. bar! Get one for every bathroom in the house at this price! Exfoliate with our NATURAL Neem & Honey soap will help eliminate scabies from the surface of your skin.

Reg Price $11.95 Get it NOW for only 7.95

Disposable Mattress Covers - King or Queen Size

Disposable mattress coversThis item is NON REFUNDABLE  

King Size Regularly $ 14.95 Get it NOW for only 9.95

Queen Size $ 14.95 Get it NOW for only 9.95


Hospital grade disinfectant16 oz Disinfectant Regular Price $ 24.95 Get it NOW for only 19.95

1 Gallon Disinfectant Regular Price $ 99.95 Get it NOW for only 49.95


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All our products are shipped in discreet Packaging. Your privacy is very important to us.

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