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10 Proven Secrets to Eliminate Scabies in Days

Everyday Solutions Rx has developed a concise report with NATURAL products to completely eradicate scabies from your body and your environment. You are about to read the most important information that will not only eliminate scabies but give you a plan to eliminate them from any future problems.

1) Wash all bed sheets, pillowcases, and towels everyday in HOT soapy water with Borax and drying on the hottest heat setting for at least 20-30 minutes. Never sleep on the same sheets and put a plastic or vinyl mattress cover on the top mattress. (There is no need to worry about the box springs, they are too far away for direct contact.) Using plastic over the top mattress will smother the scabies mites and prevent them from attacking you during the night.

Scabies are attracted to you because of your body heat and your smell. So, if you can put a barrier between you and the mite, they will not be able to attach themselves to a host and will eventually die. Do not let anyone use your towels and never use them twice. When you use our bath salts, you are exfoliating your skin and getting rid of any surface mites and some subsurface mites. Therefore, mites are going to be on your towels.

2) Never wear the same clothing twice without washing in HOT soapy water with Borax, drying on the hottest heat setting for at least 20-30 minutes. Never let anyone else wear your clothing or outerwear. Scabies mites are microscopic and will "work" themselves through clothing into your coats, sweaters and even car seats. (See below for eradicating scabies from your outerwear) Wearing polyester or non-natural fabrics will help keep scabies at bay.

3) Fabric furniture, carpeting, rugs, and toss pillows are perfect breeding grounds for harboring mites. We suggest a very pro-active approach in protecting and preserving anything! Don't throw away anything unless it is impossible to eradicate mites from them. Lots of customers report loss of furniture because they don't know how to eliminate them from the fabric. Customers have even taken out carpeting! Everyday Solutions Rx doesn't believe you should have to take such a severe loss unless it's the last resource (but if you do, please check with your insurance company, some losses are deductible).

We have food grade DE (diatomaceous earth) to sprinkle on carpets, rugs and even floorboards of your automobile that will kill mites. DE looks like little shards of glass under a microscope. When the mites pass over the powder, they are sliced and will dehydrate. Take all toss pillows, throw rugs…anything that is not used for everyday, sprinkle them with DE or spray our hospital grade disinfectant and put them in a heavy duty trash bag. Tie it off so no air can get to it and put in the garage. We suggest waiting 2-3 weeks to allow cycles to complete before putting them back in your home. It just gives you less to clean daily.

If you sprinkle DE on carpets, rugs or fabrics, please don't over sprinkle! It's too hard to vacuum up. And you need to only vacuum every 3-4 days, re-sprinkle on heavy traffic areas.

4) Automobiles are a place most people don't think scabies mites will migrate to. If you are driving to work or running errands, remember the scabies mite will go with you wherever you go. Everyday Solutions Rx suggests removing all floor mats. Sprinkle with DE or spray with our disinfectant and bag them for 2-3 weeks. There is really no need to use them until the infestation is over. This again will relieve you of having to clean daily. If you have cloth seats, we suggest putting heavy-duty outdoor trash bags over the seats.

Make sure the seat and back cushions are covered. Ideally, sprinkle with DE or spray disinfectant on top of the plastic and sit on a towel or blanket. Change the covering everyday and each time, sprinkle or spray the plastic. Make sure you spray the steering wheel, consoles, arm rests….anything that you touch daily. You can sprinkle DE on the carpeting, but you must vacuum daily if you don't. If you use DE, you don't have to vacuum daily.

5) Office areas are often left untreated. Please understand that anything you sit on can leave scabies mites for other people to pick up. If you have scabies, we suggest getting to work early and staying late to disinfect your workstation. Please don't let other people use your area…if you have to share the area with shift changes, take extreme precautions! If you can take vacation time, this would be the best thing to do to prevent spreading to coworkers.

Remember, they go wherever you go and are highly contagious! Sprinkling DE may be too obvious so most customers will spray everything with our disinfectant. If you can sit on a metal chair it will save you a lot of problems, but that's not always possible. One customer said she said she used a metal chair and told coworkers she was trying it to correct back problems. We find that customers can get pretty creative when need be!

6) Ironing board covers & dryer vents….these are all places that customers have found to harbor scabies mites. When a customer has an ongoing problem with re-infestation, we ask that they keep a journal. It's amazing where there these little critters can find a home. We ask people to monitor what they are doing to find the source of the new outbreak.

7) Trying on clothes in a department store or thrift store. It really doesn't matter. Wash all new clothes…and bedding. You never know who had that particular piece and returned it to the store.

8) Shower stalls, toilets, public areas. Any place that is damp can be a breeding ground for scabies mites. Remember scabies mites can live up to 72 hours (3 days) without a human host.

9) Avoid all sexual/physical contact when infested or thought to be in the least bit exposed. Affected people are very contagious and scabies mites are transmitted by physical contact.

10) Outerwear (coats, sweaters and jackets) can have mites in the fabric and lining. If it is possible, wash and dry following instructions above, if you are not able to, have them dry cleaned.

Bonus 1: If you suspect you have been compromised by someone with scabies mites, please clean and disinfect any and all clothing immediately. Take a shower with hot soapy water and exfoliate with a scrub brush or rough washcloth. This will not insure the eradication, but without doing so, you are putting yourself at a higher risk. You will need to monitor yourself, checking for bumps or a rash. Ideally, if you can use our bath salts and Neem oil, you will kill them before they have a chance to start their cycles. Scabies mites can live for up to 72 hours without a host (human).

Bonus 2: Animals can become carriers. The human scabies mite will not live a full life cycle on a pet…BUT, animals can keep giving the mite to the family members. If you suspect your pet may have the human scabies mite, please use a therapeutic shampoo to remove the mites from the fur. The sarcoptic mange mite that affects animals will not live a full life cycle on humans, but will sometimes produce a rash/itching on humans. It is important to know which type of scabies mite you are dealing with.

Our products are the same for humans and pets. Neem is an organic product from India and has been used for centuries to kill parasites. The smell can sometimes be nauseating, but we have added pure, essential oils of the highest concentration that "cut" the smell while still having parasite/mite killing properties. Lots of online companies, doctors, veterinarians, and dermatologists will prescribe different products for the same problem. Some even charge more for human consumption using the same product with a different label!

Get educated….an informed customer can really save themselves a lot of time and money! Call if you have any questions!

We are a small enough company to still care, yet large enough to be knowledgeable. If we don't know the answer, we will tell you and research until we have the answer. How many companies will offer to be your one-answer company? Let us be the only company that you will ever have to deal with!

We will make sure you NEVER have to deal with this again!

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