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Prevention and Treatment of Scabies


Prevention and Treatment of Scabies

We believe in an aggressive cleaning/disinfecting protocol to prevent re-infestation. The following is a suggestion for the ultimate solution. 98% of our customers that have experienced a re-infestation was due to not eradicating them from the surroundings. Please know that not every precaution is necessary, that each case is different so we are trying to cover all bases.

  • Never wear the same clothing twice without thorough cleaning, nor bedding or towels.

  • Wash all clothing, bedding and towels in HOT soapy water with Borax (can be found at Wal-Mart or grocery stores in the bleach section…called 20 Mule Team Borax)

  • Please don't leave your house thinking you can run away from them. You are only taking them with you and possibly spreading them to unsuspecting people that come to the hotel or friend's house.

  • Do not share clothing or personal things like clothing, towels, brushes, combs or shoes.

  • Put DE (click here for info on ordering) on the floor of your vehicle, carpeting, and anything that is not washable.

  • Everyday Solutions Rx Disinfectant should be used on fabrics in question. Our disinfectant can be used on most fabrics. Please test before using.

  • If you have a child in question, please contact their school….they are used to this and should treat you with the strictest of confidence.

  • If you have to go to work, please understand that this condition is highly contagious and you should take precautions. One customer said she bought a cheap bottle of hairspray, emptied it and filled it with our disinfectant…she went to work a few minutes early and stayed a little late to spray her chair, monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc it was a shared station)

  • Understand this is can be transmitted with prolonged personal contact….please avoid hugging, shaking hands for long periods, and sleeping/sitting on other people's furniture.

  • When buying clothing, please wash everything in hot soapy water with Borax and dry on high heat before wearing.

  • PLEASE refrain from sex….even condoms will not prevent the spreading of scabies.

  • When visiting nursing homes, hospitals, day cares, etc…please use precautions. We suggest that you do not sit on their furniture, and when giving personal attention, please be cautious.

  • Understand that once you have had scabies, you are more susceptible for a reoccurance. No one is immune to the problem. Actually, someone that has had a problem with scabies is more susceptible because of your weaken immune system.

  • If one person has scabies, EVERYONE in the household or infected area needs to be treated, even if you are not showing signs and symptoms. You can be a "carrier" and keep giving the mites back to the affected person. And once your immune system is compromised, you can be affected.

  • Keep all physical activity, even with family members, to a minimum.

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