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What Our Customers Say About Our Scabies Treatments

Actual accounts of people who have recovered from a scabies infestation:

"I went to Lido Beach for a little R and R. Well, I brought back some unwelcome company. It takes a while for you to realize that you have scabies. At first it is just a little creepy crawly sensation on your skin with an occasional bite - almost like a flea is biting you. Then your skin starts burning and itching INTENSELY, and you see red patches of irritated skin spread all over your body.

I went to the doctor after doing some research on the Internet, and I dutifully went through the two rounds of Permithrin. I have very sensitive skin so the Permithrin treatments were twelve hours of torture. I still had scabies mites in my house though so I was getting re-infected.

That's when I found the testimonials for Neem out on the Internet, and I called Casey. I followed Casey's directions for the Neem products, and I was free of the scabies in about four days. A big PLUS - the Neem products did not irritate my skin. My skin actually healed while using the products.

My stint with scabies lasted about seven weeks. If I had known everything there was I needed to know, I could have been done in about four days to a week. The Neem products were a life saver for me."


I just had to write and let you know how thankful I am that I found your site on the internet!  I have used (competitor name deleted) products for many months (longer than I ever should have, but they sounded SO convincing on why I wasn't getting cured as quick as I'd like, it seemed like there was always something that I wasn't doing correctly). 

I broke out with a different kind of rash using their sulfur products after awhile and couldn't get a refund so I decided to try go back online and look for something else. I realize I have scabies and an unidentified parasite (I live in south Florida and parasites are rampant here). 

I'm thankful for your honesty, you told me from the very beginning that your products would probably not cure the "unidentified" problem but the neem would definitely make my life less miserable and take care of the scabies. And it did! And just to let you know, I was told yesterday that my skin looked like a 20 year old (I'm over 60!) 

The scars are disappearing, the itch is gone and I have NO rash!  Also with your advice on taking care of my house, I was able to get my life under control.  Thanks for the recommendations and I know if I have any questions, you are only a phone call away! 

-Mercedes V., FL

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