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What is Scabies?


What is Scabies?

Scabies are caused by the Sarcoptes scabiei mite and are transmitted by direct contact. Direct contact can come in various forms, i.e. physical contact with an infected person, sleeping/sitting on an mite infested mattress/furniture, wearing clothing/using towels from a person with scabies or even from people or pets that show no signs or symptoms, these are called "carriers".

Sarcoptic mange mites from animals are not the same as the Sarcoptes scabiei human mite. The two different mites can go from human to pet and pet to human, but know that the pet sarcoptic mite will not live a full life cycle on a human. Additionally, the human scabie mite will not live a full life cycle on a pet, each can cause itching and possibly a rash.

Also known as the itch mite, Scabies is an itchy skin condition caused by microscopic mites that dig tunnels underneath the skin's surface. As the female burrows, she is depositing eggs and feces causing toxins to be placed in her ziz zag path. One female mite can lay 2-3 eggs per day.

Once the eggs hatch, they come back to the surface, mate (the male dies), then, the female burrows back into the skin creating a new vicious cycle. It takes approximately 10 days for the eggs to hatch. This can go on for months, even years, if left untreated. For a full line of our products, click here

Anyone can get scabies because they are HIGHLY contagious! Scabies mites do not care if you are dirty or clean, rich or poor. All they want is to live on or in the skin of a human being. Most cases have been tracked to nursing homes, hospitals, day cares, classrooms, clothing stores, even theatres because there are lots of people that come in and out…sitting on furniture, putting on clothes, touching people.

Scabies mites can only live for up to 72 hours without a host. Scabies are not the same as body or head lice. If you are experiencing itching, a rash or breakouts on your face, you probably don't have scabies. They do not live and burrow above the neck If you are having a problem with this area, please consult a dermatologist and have a biopsy done to see what type of parasite you may have contracted.

Dermatologists estimate that there are more than 300,000,000 (yes, that is 3 million!) cases of scabies worldwide every year. The disease can strike anyone of any race or age, regardless of personal hygiene. Some people react more severely than others do, and some report no itching at all.

Scabies are attracted to warm moist places and your body scent. Skin folds, such as between your fingers and toes, your wrists, knuckles, behind your knees, under your arms, under your breasts, around your private area or buttocks are ideal spots for them to make their home.

It sometimes takes 4-6 weeks for the rash to show up. Some people think that if you have had scabies before, you are less likely to have the problem again. This is NOT true! In fact, your symptoms of re-infestation occur within several days, not weeks. People cannot become immune to an infestation of scabies mites.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, there are over 40 different types of mites that affect humans. There are mites that come from birds, rodents, houseplants and even the dirt outside. If you are itching, have a rash or even pimple like areas, you could have scabies….sometimes it takes a process of elimination to figure out exactly what you have.

If you have itching on the scalp or face, you may have a different type of mite. To have a true diagnosis, you need to have a scraping done by a doctor or dermatologist. Our products alone will NOT kill springtails, collembolan or Morgellans. You will need to have a doctor prescribe antibiotics and do a para-cleanse. If you think you may have something other than scabies, please call our toll free number and we can give you additional information.

If you do have scabies, it would behoove you to find the source so you can avoid a re-infestation problem. Over 98% of our customers that experience scabies again in a short period of time do so because they are getting the mite back from their environment. We here at Everyday Solutions Rx believe in an aggressive cleaning/disinfecting regimen to save you from having to endure the suffering again.

Everyday Solutions Rx has a full line of NATURAL products that will kill the scabies mites from you and your family with the first application. Plus, we carry a complete line of non-toxic products that will eliminate them from your surroundings. Just remember SCABIES ARE HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS!!! Click here for our products!

We only use NATURAL products without poisons and insecticides! Our Food Grade DE is available in 3 convenient sizes….32 ounce, 2.5 lbs and now in a 5 gallon pail for larger problems. Everyday Solutions Rx Disinfectant is so strong that it kills mites and eggs, yet is gently enough to use on all fabrics. Please call our consultants to decide the appropriate size you need, we feel there is no need to overbuy, you have probably already spent way too much money on products that haven't worked!

If you have any questions, please call or email us at info@everydaysolutionsrx.com. All calls and emails are held in the strictest of confidence.

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